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Archiving Nutshells

Well, I've had little chance to update this site since 2007, and it's running an unsupported version of Drupal, and although everything this site does could be done without custom modules in Drupal 7, I don't have time to convert my custom code into a more modern form. Therefore, I'm going to create a static archive of this site, and if anyone wants a more raw data download, you can contact me.

Update to Drupal 5

I've updated this site to Drupal 5, and also moved onto a new server that should hopefully be more reliable than the last one. If there are any problems, please drop me a line.

Upgrade [updated^2]

I've just completed a major update to the site, making it compatible with a recent and secure version of the underlying software. No new features I'm afraid, and indeed some existing ones may have been broken. This is a sideline/freetime project, but I'll try to get around to fixing any problems as soon as I can. Bug reports and constructive criticism can be sent to me using this form.
The previous problem with the selected category getting lost has been fixed. Editing has been turned back on for registered users.
As bandwidth is not yet free, I've also added some Google Adsense adverts in the hope I might get some of my costs back. Please let me know if this causes problems with your RISC OS browser.

delayed server move

I've been moving over to a new, faster server, and I'm afraid it took me a while to move this site. It's up and working now, and it should be faster than before. Let me know if you have any problems.

site update

I've tracked down a small bug in the Nutshell submission code of this website, and I have confirmed (at least on Firefox and IE) that adding new nutshells now works without errors or warnings. Also, for reasons that are unclear at present, new Nutshells are owned by 'Anonymous' when they are created. I will look into this.

This Nutshells site will not be developed (apart from bugfixes) until I have time to upgrade it to the latest version of the underlying website engine (Drupal). Please accept my apologies for the patchy service.

the drugs don't work

Gah. There's been another attack of blog spam, with a script adding a long advert for drug sites to every damn node (around 800 comments). As I don't have time to remove them by hand, it will have to wait until I've upgraded the website engine to work with version 4.5 of Drupal (which has better tools for dealing with site spam). And I don't have time to do that right now either. :(

Website problems?

Hi Folks,
I've noticed that a few new entries have appeared, but for reasons I do not understand, they have turned up empty. e.g. Directory entries with names with no links. It's not clear whether this is because the system is not organised properly - making it easy to create empty entries - or whether it's a RISC OS browser compatability issue, or whether it's something else I haven't thought of. Please leave comments in this forum if you can help me pin down this problem so I can sort it out.
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